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Water Damage Restoration - Flood Cleanup 

Dry Master Restoration is a full service water, mold, fire and smoke restoration company.
We are proud to provide home owners and business owners of Riverside County and San Diego County with the highest caliber water damage mitigation, mold remediation and re-construction services. Dry Master Restoration has a highly trained staff of technicians are more than capable of helping solve the full spectrum of water damage and mold damage related problems.

Our crews are always ready to provide immediate flood assistance to customers whose property has been affected by any of a number of water damage causes: broken pipes, leaky faucets, overflowing sinks, broken water heaters, backed up toilets, malfunctioning washing machines, refrigerator leaks, flash flooding, and many others. Our flood restoration crews act quickly and efficiently as a cohesive team in order to deliver complete flood cleanup services to customers in need of immediate help. We offer all services that you could possibly need when your property is flooded: water removal, demolition, water extraction, flood cleaning, surface drying, structural drying, antimicrobial treatment, and structural repair. Sometimes all the preparation and planning in the world still can't save your home or business from the destruction of water damage. In the unfortunate event of your property flooding, please be assured that 
Dry Master Restoration is just a phone call away! 

Water damage comes in many different forms and necessitates a qualified expert in order to properly identify the extent of the flood damage in your property. With a trained eye and a moisture meter in hand, our flood damage restoration experts will make sure that no stone is left unturned when we arrive on the scene to give you a comprehensive water damage assessment. We treat each customer's home or business as if it were our very own as we provide meticulous and courteous water restoration services from start to finish.

Dry Master Restoration has water damage specialists ready 24/7 with trucks full of top-of-the-line water extraction and drying equipment. We are armed to the teeth with all the equipment necessary to combat highly destructive water damage and mold damage. Even if it seems to you like your shop vac and house fans would do the trick, do not be fooled! Our high powered air movers and de-humidifiers are required to properly deal with a flood damaged structure. Water damage acts fast and is extremely difficult to mitigate. With our high powered air movers, blowers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and anti-microbial products, Dry Master Restoration will step in to perform complete flood restoration services.

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Residential & Commercial Restoration Services

We are fully qualified and equipped to handle any type or size of restoration.

Here at Dry Master Restoration, we are definitely not strangers to the countless ways that water damage can manifest itself. It is impossible to over-stress the importance of taking water damage very seriously. For instance, if a building is flooded and is not properly dried, cleaned and sanitized, then long term structural and financial losses can easily occur. The real risk involved here is the high potential of structural damage and mold growth within your property if a professional water damage restoration firm is not called in. Water damage quickly takes effect during a flood situation. Water can quickly get underneath, inside, and behind all kinds of materials; flooring, carpeting, baseboards, drywall, cabinetry, furniture and anything else that gets in its way.

Our fully IICRC certified flood repair specialists have the knowledge and experience to solve a multitude of different water damage problems that you may encounter. There is a very specific set of guidelines and a strict protocol that must be followed in order to properly and thoroughly dryout and protect your property from microbial mold growth, which can be extremely hazardous to your health. 

The worst kind of water damage is black water or sewage water. Sewage backup flooding is classified as a Category 3 water loss (the most contaminated), and is a very hazardous problem to deal with in your home or business. Exposure to sewage contaminants is highly hazardous and needs to be cleaned up properly by trained sewage damage cleanup specialists like our professionals here at 
Dry Master Restoration. Our local sewage cleanup crew is equipped with all of the necessary decontamination products and sewage cleanup equipment. We first extract all contaminated sewage water in your property and clean or remove any contaminated materials. Once the sewage removal is complete we carryout a rigorous bio-washing process which includes applying an antimicrobial sanitizing spray and other agents. Finally, our restoration experts will repair the property and deliver your home or business back to you clean and safe as new.

Below are some of the more common services we provide:

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    Dry Master takes pride in being one of the very BEST water damage restoration providers in Southern California. We have made it our policy to arrive on the scene promptly and treat your home or business like it was our own. Property owners are always susceptible to any one of many different ways water damage can strike. If you are currently experiencing flood damage in your home or business, please do not fret; with Dry Master, ONE CALL CAN SOLVE IT ALL!

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When I returned home from work to learn that my home had been completely flooded by a busted pipe, I went into panic mode.  Thankfully I found Dry Master and gave them a call!  They took excellent care of me, and my home, from start to finish. They even helped me handle the insurance claim correctly and sent them the final bill!  Thank you!"

- Mary T.

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